Proper Text is nothing but each word will have it’s first letter in caps. If you want to change every first letter of each word in a sentence then you can use StrConv function of VB in VBA.



String(Mandatory) String is the String which you want to make in Proper Case.

Conversion as StrConv(Mandatory): This is set of Conversion type which is available under this function. Below are the main types which are used frequently:-
vbLowerCase This will convert string in lower case
vbUpperCase This will convert string in Upper case
vbProperCase This will convert string in Proper case

LocaleID: This an optional input.
How to make every first letter of a word in Capital letter of a Textbox: Copy and Paste the below code in Textbox Change Event. This is the simplest way to force proper case in textbox

Private Sub TextBox1_Change()
TextBox1.Text = StrConv(TextBox1.Text, vbProperCase)
End Sub

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