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How to connect to Access Database – ADO Connection String

Using Excel Macros (VBA) you can connect to any Databases like SQL, Oracle or Access DB. In this Article you will learn, how you can do a connection with an Access Database. Access Database connection string is different for Access 2003 (*.mdb) and Access 2007/2010 (*.accdb) because Drivers are different for both the databases. For Access 2003 Database the Provider [...]

Excel Macro Tutorial : How to write Excel Macro – Your First Excel Macro

Dear Readers,   Till now we have learnt following things in Excel Macro Tutorial . In this part of Tutorial you are going to learn how to open the VBE Code Window in Visual Basic Editor of your Workbook and start writing your first macro.   1. What is Excel Macro ? 2. How to Record Macro / How to [...]

Excel Macro Tutorial : VBA Control Property

In last post Excel Macro Tutorial : Visual Basic Editor in Excel we saw how to add different Controls in your Excel Macro. To Read All the Excel Macro Tutorial Click Here.   Each and Every VBA controls has their own by default properties. Like Name of the Control, height, width, Caption, color, background, font color etc. In Excel other [...]