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My name is Vishwamitra Mishra. Friends Call me Vishwa. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from D.A.V.V. Indore & currently working as a Technical Lead having over 7 years of experience.
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How to save and Close an Excel Sheet using Macro

Here I am going to give an idea how we can save and close the current excel sheet using Macro. This function can be written in the Module and can be called any where in the program where we want to save the Excel and Close it. The below code will save and close only the Workbook where […]

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How to delete sheet using Excel Macro

Dear Friends, While automating in Excel through Excel VBA, you may want to delete or add some Worksheets. This is a very common task, which we try to do. In this article, I am going to teach you all about deleting the Sheets from a workbook through Excel VBA. There are many scenarios - based on how and which sheet [...]

Update cell value after change is made in different cell or Cell Range

If we want to update a column with the current date as and when any cell range is getting changed. This is used when we want to track the date modified of a cell range. Copy and Paste the following piece of code and […]

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How to disable/Invisible Horizontal/Vertical Scroll Bar

Dear Friends, While developing some Excel VBA based tool in Excel, you might find this useful when you want to disable or enable horizontal or vertical scrolling in excel automatically. It is very easy to disable Horizontal or Vertical Scroll bar using VBA code. They are self explanatory by the way. So here you go: To enable/visible Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Bar To disable/invisible Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Bar […]

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