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In this article, I am going to teach you 4 VBA Methods of - how to export data from Excel Range to a CSV file format using Excel VBA.

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Dear Friends, I am back with the second part of the tutorial- VBA Guide to Interact with Text Files – Part – 1 of 2. This is the final part of this tutorial. In previous article, mainly we learn about How to Open a Text File and How to [...]

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Text files are one of the simplest, lightest file types. This is the reason it is highly used in programming to store lot of configuration related data, logs and so many other necessary data which is used by programs more frequently. If you browse your Program files folder in windows [...]

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Important Note: This post will make more sense to those who stays in Netherlands. But wait.. even if you do not stay in Netherlands, you will learn some interesting Algorithm!! BSN is short form of Dutch Word - BurgerServiceNummer . In English, this is called  Citizen Service [...]

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Dear friends, The version of Send Multiple Emails Tool, I released last, there was a small issue with the mail sent by outlook. Thanks to you all for providing me the prompt feedback about the same. I have fixed it but I have not changed the version of the tool [...]

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Dear LEM Readers, Here I come with a new version of Send multiple Email using Excel. Are you planning to send all of your friends a Happy New Year Email for this coming new year 2017? Sounds good !! but would you put every one's email in to List and [...]

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