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Dear friends, As promised last week, in this article I am going to talk about 5 rarely used features of Excel VBA. [I am not saying that all of these features are awesome to use... I have provided my personal choices for each of them] 1# Using IIF in Excel [...]

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Dear Readers, In my next article, which will be published next Monday, I am going to cover following two topics: 5 Interesting but rarely used features/functions in Excel/Excel VBA 5 Interesting facts about Excel [from history...] Before I publish these articles, I thought to check what all interesting facts and [...]

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Dear Friends, This article is intended for Excel VBA beginners. Here in this article I am going to explain you the use of Use Relative Reference option in Excel VBA while recording your macro. My focus in this article would be in explaining you these two different methods which you [...]

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Dear Friends, This is a very simple yet useful article, especially for beginners. Sometimes even intermediate level users also does not know about all these options to comment a line or group of lines in Excel VBA. Like every other programming languages, VBA too has an option to comment a [...]

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Dear Friends, In this article I am going to teach you about Application.OnTime. I will also explain you the usage of this method with two examples: How to schedule a workbook to close at specified time How to Schedule a workbook to close if left idle for specified duration This [...]

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Dear Friends, Have you heard of Immediate Window in Excel VBA programming? Do you know how to make use of it? If you have not been using this while doing vba programming then trust me you were missing something really cool stuff which excel provided to the programmers. In this [...]

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